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Our animations may impress, but our proprietary software technology will blow your mind…


Real-time Task Scheduling Algorithms for IoT Devices

We’ve developed a middleware called MIRRA (a series of algorithms) that schedules real-time IoT data more efficiently, resulting in fewer virtual machines to be instanced in the cloud and more importantly, a reduction in idle virtual machines – all things that cost a lot of money. It is purely a service-level solution, not a system-level solution like the traditional autoscaling mechanisms that the big cloud providers, or RightScale, etc. offer. Our CTO, Yong woon Ahn spent the bulk of his doctoral work on this cost-saving mechanism for healthcare devices…however, it is universally applicable to any industry that handles real-time / time-sensitive, monitored information in the cloud. Our research study earlier this year indicated a 69% reduction in idle virtual machine usage while improving resource allocation for critical real-time data transmission.

MIRRA Critical Real Time Data Processing Management

Echo Heart Atlas™

The Largest Digital Heart Defect Atlas

Together, Amerra and Texas Heart Institute have developed the world’s largest animated heart defect atlas. It is powered by high-definition 3D animation, synchronized with a library of echocardiograms. It gives users a content-rich, fast-track solution to better understanding the heart.

The Echo Heart Atlas will deliver credible and reliable information to clinicians worldwide, many of whom do not otherwise have access to specialized resources, or exposure to the various defects presented within the Atlas’s image set and related information.