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Amerra Connect™

Amerra Connect™

A Universal API Programming Toolkit

For developers and businesses who want to build apps quickly & connect to various cloud services using secure protocols. It uses our “secret sauce” called MIRRA™, a set of real-time task scheduling algorithms that is part of our middleware that provides a smarter and more dynamic virtual resource controller. 

For additional information on the technology, please read our FAQ section.

How does Amerra Connect™ work?


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Please refer to our Amerra Connect Documentation and Reference Site for questions and Tutorials.

Who can use Amerra Connect™?

Independent application developers and vendors (web & native) for:

  • Having experience using the Model-View-Controller (MVC) & object-oriented programming languages
  • Multiple projects that use different APIs for their clients
  • Reusing previous project source codes & system designs
  • Paying over $100 just to host & update codes for 3rd party APIs
  • Developing apps to support multiple clouds and APIs

  • Small and mid-size development companies in any industry:

    • Spending too much money for integrating 3rd party APIs
    • Wanting to save their hosting expenses for multiple web & native apps
    • Needing a solution to have real-time scalable servers and database solutions

    • Content providers that:

      • Create multimedia content such as images, videos, animations, and require secure storage, sharing, and distribution

      “Model-less MVC” Software Architecture

      The Model-View-Controller programming architecture is widely used for many software applications as a result of the software engineering benefits it promotes. Part of the Amerra Connect ‘toolkit’ has been designed to implement a “model-less MVC” architecture that enables breaking a software application into multiple subcomponents. This allows you to build and manage your application more efficiently and cost-effectively.

      “Pay-as-you-Go” Pricing Model

      Amerra Connect will track all transactions of called API functions and the data transmission amount for each application. Users can simply choose our “Pay-as-you-Go” pricing model, a discounted monthly subscription plan, or a combination that best facilitates your strategy.

      *Additionally, any 3rd party plugin vendors can provide this pricing model to their own customers that may or may not be Amerra Connect users.

      Common Application Feature & Development Costs

      Web Application Feature Costs

      Web Application Costs Using Amerra Connect