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Echo Heart Atlas™

The Largest Digital Heart Defect Atlas

Together, Amerra and Texas Heart Institute have developed the world’s largest animated heart defect atlas. It is powered by high-definition 3D animation, synchronized with a library of echocardiograms. It gives users a content-rich, fast-track solution to better understanding the heart.

The Echo Heart Atlas is web-based powered with Amerra Connect’s platform & high-definition 3D animation provides medical students, sonographers, cardiologists, and patients a powerful 3D visual resource for understanding the heart including adult and congenital abnormalities. Assessments are being developed to test users on their knowledge of the heart, with questions ranging from identification of anatomical landmarks to knowing the proper corrective treatment, which can be adapted to the specific audiences appropriate skill level. The software offers a complete library of over 144 views, including detailed information about the anatomical landmarks, defect identification, and ultrasound probe placement to:

  • Improve the abilities of various medical professionals to better identify structural heart defects.
  • Provide medical professionals with a comprehensive catalog of specific defects in cardiac anatomy in three dimensions (3-D), & how they appear visualized in two-dimensional (2-D).
  • Provide medical professionals with an improved understanding of normal and abnormal cardiac structure, and facilitate better patient outcomes with this information.
Unparalleled Graphics & Information

Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

Global Expectations

The reach of the Texas Heart Institute is global, and it is expected the Echo Heart Atlas will follow suit. As a cloud-based program with global accessibility, clinicians and medical professionals around the world will have the opportunity to easily access the heart defect images no matter what device they use. The team behind the Echo Heart Atlas is seeking:

  • Pilot centers
  • Content contributors
  • Distribution partners
  • Technology partners
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • and more!

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