A picture is worth a thousand words

Illustrations are utilized for  education, research, patient care, public relations, marketing efforts and more. From sub-cellular processes too small to be seen, to patients and the lay public better understanding their health and medical information. Attorneys use medical illustration to clarify complex medical information for judges and juries in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. The Internet enables information to be widely and readily available on displays that rely on simplified but sophisticated graphics.

Many derivative or stand-alone renderings are produced for use on websites, documents and printed materials (including large format uses such as exhibit backdrops).

Amerra also produces 2D line art for patent filings from work originally designed in 3D, as well as infographics.

Amerra’s illustrations help us simplify a very elaborate concept, and help us tell our story. Worth every penny!

Mike MoradiCEO, Sensulin