Moximed – Atlas Knee System

Moximed was founded on the principles of joint unloading and is currently focused on providing a joint preserving option that will allow patients with knee OA to live the highly active lives that they expect and deserve. Joint unloading is a proven therapy that has recently become more prominent as the need for cost-effective pre-arthroplasty (pre-joint replacement) solutions becomes more evident. CAUTION: Investigational Device. Limited by US Law to Investigational Use.

Surgeon customers would sometimes misunderstand how our “shock absorber for the knee” works, and the Amerra team did an outstanding job of illustrating the function and position of our product relative to key anatomical structures. The creative team managed the project smoothly, providing timely updates and incorporating feedback without difficulty. I am looking forward to working with Amerra on future animation projects!”

Keith Fong, Director of Marketing

3DAnimation RFP Submission

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