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NeoGraft Customization Options


NeoGraft and Amerra have partnered to offer practices customized content for promoting the NeoGraft procedure to current and prospective clients. The primary objective is to help NeoGraft clients visually convey complex information about this surgical technique, and to customize this video to facilitate their practice’s visual education needs!

We wanted potential NeoGraft patients to be able to fully visualize the NeoGraft procedure from start to finish and the best way to do accomplish this illustration was through 3D animation. We sought out the best company to create the visual and found a perfect solution with Amerra. The finished product is helping both consumers and physicians understand the powerful NeoGraft technology.”

Director of Marketing, NeoGraft

Branded Full Length Licensed Animation

An amazing tool for your website; local device playback such as in the waiting room or on tablets; Facebook, YouTube and other social networks; as well as being BluRay and DVD-ready. The video includes a watermark with your clinic or practice logo and appropriate contact information, educational on-screen text, and professional voice narration customized to your practice!

  • HD Animated Video (1920 x 1080)
  • Approximate Run-time with Your Custom Narration ~2 minutes
  • Turnaround Time: 1 week

NeoGraft Customization Form

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