Quickloop™ abscess treatment device

EM Device has developed a novel family of devices for draining cutaneous and oral fluid collections such as abscesses, seromas and hematomas. The devices employ a clinically validated minimally invasive loop drainage technique widely used by surgeons and emergency physicians. ​

Quickloop™ simplifies the technique, making the drainage procedure rapid and simple, and incorporates the ability to irrigate the abscess from the inside out. Quickloop reduces follow-up visits, reduces patient pain, and reduces scarring, resulting in superior clinical and cost effective therapy.

For more information about ​Quickloop™, please visit: http://www.emdevicelab.com

Amerra’s team produced a high-quality animation for our company that encompassed a large scope in a very efficient use of video time. We were able to get the product features nicely highlighted, as well as the technique sequence shown in good detail.

As a small company, this animation has been critical to communicate our vision to investors and clinicians in short blocks of precious time.  The animation does the talking for us.

Thank you Amerra for bringing our vision to life!