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Procyrion, Inc.

Procyrion Aortix Cardiorenal Assist Pump

The Procyrion device consists of a small, continuous flow pump mounted within a self-expanding anchoring system. Compared to traditional LVADs, Procyrion replaces a major surgery and a lengthy hospital stay with a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. For more information, please visit http://www.procyrion.com

Amerra has been a trusted partner of Procyrion and has been helpful throughout all stages of our company’s lifecycle. From the very beginning, they helped us create a simple animation for our Aortix technology, and as our technology has evolved, they have continued to support our animation needs. The Amerra team has significantly impacted our ability to communicate complex concepts and deliver key messages to multiple audiences. They have been easy to work with, flexible, creative and most importantly on-time and on-budget – the Amerra team is a great resource for companies of all stages!”

Benjamin A. Hertzog, CEO

3DAnimation RFP Submission

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