Give your marketing and sales teams the power
of the leading Sales Enablement Platform!

iPresent is a tablet-based sales and education tool for communicating your products and technology.

Amerra can get provide iPresent app account setup, custom design and monthly management services:

  • Create a new iPresent account
    • Setup user accounts for sales team members & physicians
    • iPresent offers various monthly packages depending on number of users and features, but you may try it out for free!
  • Load existing collateral including videos, animations, PowerPoint decks, .pdf’s and more for engaging sales team demonstrations
    • “Chapterize” desired videos for short playback (Get your message out quickly instead of forcing audiences to sit through minutes of video!)
  • Create image galleries for quick viewing
  • Embed Sketchfab modules for non-linear 3D viewing!  *requires internet connection
  • Customize ALL graphic elements: user interface menu, layout, icons, background images and more!


To learn more and to obtain a quote, please contact us through our form or call 713-529-9776!