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We translate a defined set of instructions
into visual representations & interactive solutions.

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Medical Animation

  • Medical Device
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Surgical
  • Patient & Healthcare Education

Medical Illustration

  • Publications
  • Grant Applications
  • Product Education
  • Printed Material

Interactive Content

  • Enhanced Education & Training
  • User Engagement
  • Text & Link-based Hot Spots

Infographic Design

  • Visually Impactful
  • Data/Graphics Combined
  • Snapshot Communication

Software Development

  • Custom Platform Development
  • Amerra Connect Engine
  • Content Delivery Vehicles

iPresent Sales App

  • Real-time Deployment
  • Organize Collateral
  • CRM Integration

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  • Requirement Analysis
  • Message
  • Audience
  • Deliverables

Development Scope

  • Resource Identification
  • Point of Contact
  • Amerra Development team
  • Development Schedule & Cost Determination

Technical Development

  • Storyboarding
  • Narration Scripting
  • Modeling & Texturing
  • Animation

Post Production

  • Media Compiling
  • Editing
  • Internal/External User Testing
  • Authoring Formats

Price Structure

Pricing is based on several factors including:


How many hours/days/weeks
will it take to complete?


Number of objects, number of new
objects to create vs. objects that
may exist in our library, rigged
character motions, textures, realism.

Licensable v. Exclusive

Licensable work is content Amerra
develops & can resell to other clients.

Exclusive work cannot be resold &
sole ownership belongs to the client.

Volume Development

The more you develop, the cost
per project drops!

Efficient Project Development

An assortment of tips & “good to knows” that help keep
your project in line & on time.

Common Pitfalls


a. Scope creep (additions or changes made to project beyond original scope) can lead
to missed deadlines and added costs to client.

b. Extensive time periods between reviews and product completion disrupts internal
scheduling, accounting.

c. Multiple channels of feedback that entail project changes/modification coming
instead of one source skews expectations, and often leads to erroneous results, thus
wastes time and money on both sides.

d. Trying to squeeze too much into an illustration when it would be more practical and
cost efficient to make an animation to meet the desired results.

e. Project invoices are sent out with payment terms of 15-30 days (depending on size of project), and will be assessed a
5% late fee if not received accordingly.

Strategies for Effective Development


a. Project Scope understanding for review and development schedule. This is essential
to establish an agreed upon periodic review schedule with the client to ensure that
we deliver completed projects on time with all requirements. *If the client needs to reschedule, Amerra will ask that they provide a new time/date and in most cases we can accommodate that request.

b. Single source of feedback is a major process component. This ensures that we’ve received the correct information and deadlines to proceed with development.

c. Animation storyboarding ensures that all parties are aware of what will be seen in the project before development begins. Storyboarding helps prevent scope creep and scope modifications by identifying foundational pieces ‘that tell the story’.

d. Additional development advancement (such as models) ‐ Occasionally, Amerra will not have a stock model available in its content library. In these cases, we can either create the model from scratch (which requires additional time from our artists and becomes an added cost to client) or purchase an existing model from a stock model vendor and add it in to the project cost. In most cases, we recommend the latter as it saves time and money for all parties.

Review Periods


a. Upon initialization of a project, Amerra will create a password‐protected Client Directory on our servers to act as a file‐sharing repository. This will be the main central repository that we use for client reviews (GoToMeeting) and client project management (BaseCamp). Each acts as a conduit to our process to make it easier for all parties to communicate effectively in one centralized area. For example, before all reviews, we’ll notify the client that the latest animation version is available for viewing. This can be seen and tracked per Amerra’s efforts in BaseCamp, where you will be able to access the updated piece.

b. Amerra grants its clients one round of changes to any scene of the animation or illustration. Any additional changes will be subject to an additional fee.

c. Amerra suggests once‐a‐week reviews to keep up with our recommendation for ensuring accuracy throughout the development process. If the client needs to reschedule, Amerra will ask that they provide a new time/date and in most cases we can accommodate that request.

d. Most reviews last 30 minutes and are conducted using GoToMeeting, an online conferencing software that allows all parties to view the same screen and interact with the images with drawing tools, etc. Regarding audio, the use of a microphone (VOIP) is possible, but we recommend using the provided call‐in number as the quality may be better depending on the speed of your internet connection. GoToMeeting can be utilized via web browser and costs nothing for our clients to use.

e. All GoToMeeting sessions will be recorded and saved into a video file that is uploaded to the client directory. This video file is essential for reviews as it reduces the chance of missing anything in the notes. These video notes provide instant confirmation of the edits requested to reduce possible miscommunication.