3DNA® Technology animation

This mechanism of action (MoA) animation is developed for Genisphere, a nanotechnology company and provider of an innovative DNA-based targeted drug delivery platform called 3DNA®. The core nanotechnology, as shown visually, is a 3-dimensional structure made entirely out of DNA and is a highly branched molecule built from interconnected monomeric sub-units of DNA.

For more information about Genisphere and their 3DNA® technology, visit http://www.genisphere.com/

Organization and communication are important to me, and everyone at Amerra outshined. The RFP form template they provided was one of the two factors that made it obvious to choose Amerra and not competing companies. It is a huge time saver and makes perfect sense to ask these questions up-front to define the project.

To me, the RFP means accountability as I went back to it a few times for guidance, during the project, to make sure it was on track – I think it’s that valuable! Secondly, was the preliminary animation outline and corresponding time stamps which was free work they provided to make it clear I should continue with them.

Jessica BowersMarketing Director