Purist Leg Positioning System

Marketing teaser

This animation shows the PURIST Leg Positioning System, the next generation of leg positioning device designed specifically for anterior Total Hip Replacement. Equipped with Swiss precision and an ergonomically-shaped design, the PURIST offers many clinical, operational and logistical advantages. The PURIST enables all essential leg movements necessary for anterior THR in a condensed and efficient manner.
For more information about the Purist Leg Positioning System, visit: http://www.iotiot.com/

Assembly Instructions

When you’re trying to sell technical products, it’s sometimes difficult to explain in words how the product works and the benefits it provides, particularly when you’re talking to a non-specialist. The animation and illustrations Amerra developed enabled us to show potential users what our products do to quickly communicate its value proposition.

The visualization content is an invaluable tool for us!

Dr. Stefan KreuzerFounder