POPSafe™ Tracheostomy Tube Set

Smart Bridge Medical

The patented POPSafe™ Tracheostomy Tube Set prevents accidental ventilator disconnect “pop-off” of the breathing tube.  POPSafe™ is a game-changer for ventilator-dependent patients because “There are no pop-offs with POPSafe™!”.

Smart Bridge Medical is a medical device company which brings next generation devices to market. Our team knows how to move through the rigorous product development, regulatory and market launch processes efficiently and successfully.

For more information, please contact us at: info@smartbridgemed.com

The Amerra team was essential in supporting our efforts to create strong product awareness. We have received huge compliments for our animation and our airway device platform, which has captured the attention of investors, especially because our POPSafe™ solutions support ventilated COVID-19 patients.