Anti-aging skincare with NUFLEX technology

Neolastin’s mission is to continually provide the best and most efficacious skincare products so that every woman can continue to be their very best self. Their revolutionary scientific breakthrough NUFLEX™ technology, combines a carefully selected antioxidant with a patented micro-hyaluronic acid delivery system designed to support the skin’s natural collagen production so skin appears healthier and more hydrated. It also supports new elastin fibers to improve the appearance of the skin’s elasticity, resilience, and anti-aging skin health unrivaled in today’s cosmetic industry. The NUFLEX™ technology is a culmination of 20 years of university research, clinical trials and dermatologist testing,

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What better way to educate our customers than using animation to explain our patented technology. Much appreciation to Aaron and the remarkable Amerra team for their outstanding engagement.

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