FlexThread™ Clavicle Pin System


The FlexThread™ Clavicle Pin System is the strongest and most anatomic intramedullary fixation system available to treat clavicle fractures. IntraFuse’s proprietary technology enables the implant to follow the natural three-dimensional curve of the medial clavicle, while also providing cross locking screws in the lateral clavicle to ensure that proper bone length is maintained during the healing period.

For more information about Surgical Frontiers & Intrafuse, please visit: http://surgicalfrontiers.com/intrafuse/

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After being invited to speak at a conference, I realized that a professional animation showing the simplicity and elegance of our orthopedic implant technology would be the most effective way to communicate to the audience.

With a very tight schedule, I contacted Amerra to see if they could take on the project.

They delivered ahead of schedule, the final animation exceeded my expectations, and the cost was reasonable.

I look forward to working with Amerra again on many future projects.

Wade FallinCEO